Dear van driver

In this neighbourhood, between your van and the fence, everyone is taking a dump. You must know.

The return of microblogging

Or, I have little to say, but it’s good to say it.

Plus I have so many things to do, and so little “feeling like doing”.

Another savory Freudian slip

The semi-big boss dixit: “… nothing falling into the crap… crack”. Well put!


My gas sensor is so fine, I cannot release a fart anymore in my kitchen without setting on the alarm. This has already happened.

Alternatives are key to strategy and success

Read alternative slippers. This way I don’t disturb the dog and I can still go places.

Lola the dog

Now using the rug, usually just sitting on my slippers.

Going there again

You are entitled to make the same mistake twice: the first time it is trial and error; the second time it is making sure or giving it a second chance. The third time is just being plain stupid.

Me no stupid, got the hint

So, if the conversation stopped with three messages from me, it means I was slow in getting it. But can I please regret it?


Looks like I don’t know to find, I only know to search. That’s pretty f*cked up, really.

Lost drafts

Will I ever remember the information in the lost drafts I have created, all the Turkish names, smiles, puns, and what-nots?

Up next

More airline drinking.